Building on Ethereum

In this series, I’m discussing the phases of a project encompassing a non-trivial set of Ethereum smart contracts and the React/Redux application that communicates with them. 

The project, called In-App Pro Shop, aims to help Ethereum developers easily support in-app purchases as ERC-721 Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

NOTE: While this series is now slightly out of date, the project itself and the published book are updated.

Now Available in eBook and Paperback!

Hi, I’m Cliff Hall, a published tech author and software architect with over thirty-five years of industry experience.

I recently spent nearly a year pouring all my free time into learning Solidity and implementing a my own token-based in-app purchase system, which I open-sourced and wrote an eight-part web series about.

Unfortunately, due to the constraints of writing for a web-based audience, I felt I wasn’t able to go into the level of detail I would have liked. I just hit the highlights.

So, I turned it into a book that will lead you through:

  • The major decisions you’ll make choosing your tech stack
  • Options for structuring your your project
  • The challenges you’ll face as you build your contracts
  • Testing your contracts
  • Communicating with your contracts from a web app
  • Sending Ether to a contract
  • Deploying your contracts to a public network

And much more. In short, it’s the guide that I wish I’d had when I started out.

Purchase Building on Ethereum now, as a Kindle Ebook or in Trade Paperback (299 pages).