Interrupt Driven

Hi there, I’m Cliff Hall, and odds are I’m somewhere doing something very geeky right now that interrupted something equally geeky that I was doing earlier. But no worries, all interrupts will eventually be serviced.

Since the early ’80s, my consuming passion has been programming. Today I work as a Software Architect, bringing more than thirty years of industry experience to bear on every task. My career has run the gamut from writing games in machine language for Commodore 64 and Apple II to implementation of large scale, object-oriented enterprise applications. These days, I’m mostly focused on the Ethereum blockchain and NFTs.

As an independent contractor working through my company Futurescale, Inc., I’ve been building and maintaining applications for major corporations and edgy startups worldwide since 2004. Aside from client work, my most valuable contribution to the developer community is probably the PureMVC Framework, an Open Source project that has been ported to nearly every popular development language. If you need a good developer, feel free to interrupt me.

When I’m not knee-deep in coding, I am an author and occasional music producer.

My programming book ActionScript Developer’s Guide to PureMVC was published by O’Reilly. Ongoing long form work includes another tech book called Building on Ethereum, a science fiction series called Dark Matter Highway, and an action / adventure series called William Cross Chronicles. You can find my short form writing on publications around the web, including CoinmonksITNext, Codeburst, DZoneCSS TricksThe Startup, and The Writing Cooperative.

The sonic noodlings of my recording project Sea of Arrows can be found on Soundcloud and various compilations.