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When the going gets tough, the Nesbitts go tangential.

As an alien invasion thins Earth’s population by a fifth and drains the oceans to devastating levels, young Carter Nesbitt, his father, and his math teacher are taken from a small town in the American southeast.

Unlike the rest of the abducted, they are returned, bearing an alien artifact, knowledge of an even graver danger to Earth, and strange new abilities.

But when Homeland Security’s new Director of Extraterrestrial Affairs catches wind of their trip, he will stop at nothing to capture them.

Tangential is my debut novel about dark matter, the multiverse, quantum-entangled consciousness, alien invasion, and government conspiracy. The first book of the Dark Matter Highway series, it was made exclusively available to beta readers on Amazon’s Write On community, where it was ranked among 2015’s most “Magnetic Reads in Science Fiction”.

Purchase Tangential on Amazon, in trade paperback or e-book editions.

Cover art by the incomparable Waldemar Kazak.