Art Projects

One Moment

For one glorious moment in time, I was all that is.

The Charged Particles platform on Ethereum combines DeFi (decentralized finance) with cryptoart. While a cryptoart NFT has speculative value, a charged particle adds intrinsic value (you can deposit ERC20 tokens), programmable interest (the ‘charge’), and configurable principle (you can time-lock the deposited tokens).

Reflected light, manipulated color. © 2021

Tangential Timeline

He focused again, and the room fanned apart.

A fractal multitude of armoires spun off to either side. On the left, he noticed a span filled with copies of his own dresser, but had no idea which timeline was “home.”

He supposed it didn’t matter much as long as he found one with his gun in the drawer and got back to this one.

Generative cryptoart created on the EthBlockArt platform.

Quote from my sci-fi novel Tangential.

© 2021

During a snowy week in February of 2020, I took a break from building the Avastars NFT platform to attend the ETHDenver conference.

Before heading out one gritty, cold night, I recorded sounds of people noodling on various instruments at a jam session in a weird basement nook. It was quite late and outside, the eerie ambience of a deserted street beckoned to be captured as well.

Later, somewhere between one of Denver’s ubiquitous dispensaries and my hotel, shadows and details of the sidewalk suddenly grabbed my attention and I shot a trove of photos. I believe beauty, as well as the devil, lies in the details.

© 2020